Dubai in United Arab Emirates is a dream destination for corporate houses and people from various parts of the world. Dubai with its glory, wealth and remarkable financial benefits attract countless tourists and immigrants every year. Numerous people and businesses are moving to Dubai in search of better job and business opportunities. Though, UAE is a Muslim country, but Dubai represents multiple-cultures. The city is the true example of modernization and growth with its skyscrapers, high-tech-malls, exceedingly advanced hotels and other hospitality services, beaches, gardens and more.

Dubai attracts more than 10 Million tourists every year. The people from the US, Europe, Pakistan, Asia and other continents are moving to Dubai for elevated lifestyle and social, physical as well as economic security. The city is extremely clean with a highly developed infrastructure. Its beautiful buildings, outstanding architecture, duty free shopping complexes and other amenities have been drawing huge number of immigrants and visitors irrespective of their gender, caste, creed or culture. Dubai is an English speaking country, although its primary language is Arabic, but the city reflects the mixture of various cultures and languages.

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