China, other than being one of the fastest economically growing country, is also one of the most beautiful place to settle down.  Its marvelous mountains, wide and deep rivers, breathtaking waterfalls, soothing greenery and excellent weather, make it a perfect tourist destination.  China carries a long and rich history that has been a major source of curiosity for the people across the world. It has been inspiring and attracting people for a long time now.

The China has contributed a lot when it comes to art, craft, literature and culture. One of the most memorable contribution from China is its unique fighting technique, Martial Arts. People from different parts of the world move to China so they could learn more about Chinese art and culture. The rapid industrialization and economical growth in China has created massive business and job opportunities for the people across the globe, inspiring them to move to China. The businesses and people are moving to China from Pakistan, US, Europe and other continents in order to earn more and get an elevated  lifestyle.

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