Corporate Green Policy

Movers and Packers International recognize the importance of sound environmental management as a business and responsibility. At all levels of our operation, we conduct activities with a view to protecting and conserving the natural environment. Yes, we do abide by legal requirements and are audited yearly by a third party to comply with our accreditations, but Movers and packers International go beyond the ‘call of duty’ when the environment is concerned, and do so with the goodness and purity to change the world. Environmental examples include:


Movers and Packers International manage the segregation of waste materials for all our offices hence minimizing landfill waste. The removalist carton, one of the largest used resources in the industry, is also saved and re-used wherever it can be.

Reduction in Vehicle Emissions

Movers and Packers International have reduced their road traffic over long distances, hence excess fuel burn, by utilizing the national rail network for containerized transportation. With this in place, we are doing our part in helping the environment become one step closer in a cleaner and better future.

Energy Efficiency

All offices are equipped with energy saving lighting, and all lights/air conditioning are left off when personnel are not occupying each building. Introduction of Modern Vehicles Movers and Packers International are gradually acquiring new road and warehouse equipment that meet the latest Pakistan emissions standards. The purchase of electric forklifts is important, as they do not emit harmful gases to the environment as that of regular forklifts.