We know how overwhelming moving in can be sometimes. Let us assist you with arranging and unpacking cartons in your new home with our moving service.

This service is ideal for those people with busy lifestyles and with young ones that will need some time with the family.

Our services include:

  • Hanging pictures wherever desired
  • Cleaning cupboards before unpacking cartons
  • Ironing clothing
  • Making beds
  • General handyman work
  • Removing all debris from your relocation

Packing and Wrapping Services

Packing is an art. Those little treasured ornaments, china, crystal and art pieces all need special care and attention. At Movers & Packers International we utilize the latest in packing materials whilst conforming to our Environmental Policy of maximising the use of recycled or recyclable products, ask your removal consultant about what is best for your move.

Cartons and material provided include:

Standard Cartons

3-ply construction providing strength and rigidity for items such as: folded clothing, linen, pots and pans, crockery and china, ornaments, toys.


Strong carton with a rail to hang those items of clothing you don’t want crushed.

Art Cartons

Large flat cartons designed to offer protection of your mirrors, pictures and paintings.

Flat Packs

Flat carton designed for international shipment of cloths with a minimum of crushing.

Book Cartons

Smaller carton for items such as: books, documents, bottles of liquor, wine etc., small delicate pieces, heavier items.

Tailored Crates

Movers & Packers International designs and builds crates to specification for the protection of specified items.

IATA Cartons

Large heavy duty IATA approved carton designed to provide additional protection and security for airfreight shipments.

Bubble Wrap

Primarily used for international export moves, this material provides added protection of delicate items.

Tube Wrap

Flexible corrugated board tube designed for crystal and glass stemware and fragile items.