Removal: Leading local / domestic and international moving Company in Pakistan – KCCI accredited
Since the founding of Movers and Packers International over ten years ago, it has grown to become a truly international company with offices and agents throughout Pakistan and the world.
We have a reputation built on providing quality services to our customers for over 10 years, helping with moving overseas as well as being a preferred local / domestic removalist.

In recognition of our professionalism, Pakistan KHI (Head Office) is recognized as a KCCI accredited moving company. KCCI (Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry) is awarded to the leading moving companies who have adhered to stringent systems and audits by Ernst & Young Consulting.

One of the key elements of the ongoing success of Movers and Packers international is the implementation of a Management Equity Share plan across the company. This is to recognize both the quality and commitment of Movers and Packers International management to the success of the company as a local / domestic removals and a professional transport provider to those moving overseas.
Meeting Quality Assurance Requirements
Through its successful international operations, Movers and Packers International meets the very stringent Quality Assurance and service requirements of the U.S. Military. We have a very solid reputation of meeting the very demanding needs of the U.S. Military Personnel.
Movers and Packers International has developed an impressive international network of affiliates across the globe and is a proud member of many worldwide associations.
Movers and Packers International may have started “Around the corner”, but it is now “Around the Globe”.