Moving Checklist

This Moving Home Checklist will assist you with planning your next move.

1. Get vaccinated if required. Comply with any health regulations of the new country.
2. Keep a list of incoming mail to aid with change of address. Contact Pakistan post at  or see you local office to redirect your mail.
3. Contact your health and home insurance companies to advise of your change of address.
4. Cancel local arrangements such as lawn mowing service, newspaper delivery, gym membership, and transport authorities.
5. Return library books and videos.
6. Leave cleaning of carpet until after you move.
7. Confirm removal date.
8. Arrange with neighbors to leave sufficient space for parking of our removal vehicles.
9. Keep passport and other important documents with you. Be careful not to pack these items that will be needed on your arrival. List these items for later reference.
10. Remove all jewellery, coins, stamps, check books, and keys from drawers (desk, filing cabinet, etc.). Put in a safe place to go with you as they cannot go with the removalist.
11. Please ensure that a backup copy has been created for your personal computer. Lost computer files will not be insured if corrupted due to moving.
12. Please pack coffee, tea and kettle last. A cup of coffee for the movers is well appreciated and will build rapour with your moving team. Also leave a vacuum to help clean after move.
13. Dismantle pre-fabricated items to remove volume. Place fasteners in a bag and tape or tie to the item. Label bag in case it gets separated from the item.
14. Dismantle swing sets, play gyms, trampolines. Label and put all nuts and bolts in a safe place.
15. Seek advice from the manufacturer of your white goods (fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer, etc.) regarding securing internal components to get it ready for transport.
16. Clean and towel dry the inside of your fridge, freezer and dishwasher.
17. Remove lint from washing machine filter.
18. Remove dust bag from vacuum cleaner.
19. Drain liquid from evaporative air-cooler.
20. Remove microwave plate and place both in a carton for move day.
21. Remove pumps, water bottles, batteries, etc. from pushbikes.
22. Remove hooks from fishing lines.
23. Clean and spray dog kennels. Empty and clean fish tanks and bird cages.
24. Clean BBQ surface and surrounding of grease.
25. Empty gas cylinder from BBQ (check with your local garage).
26. Wash out rubbish bins and wheelbarrows.
27. Empty and hose out compost bins.
28. Ensure garden tools, outdoor equipment and shoes have been cleaned.
29. Drain garden hoses.
30. Dispose of all unsealed liquids.
31. Drain Fuel and oil from lawn mowers, edgers, whippersnappers’.
32. Dispose of all pressure cans, flammable fluids, and matches.
33. Pack heavy items into smaller boxes and lighter items into larger boxes.
34. Do not over-water plants. Some state laws prohibit moving of household plants.
35. Turn off the gas at the meter and electricity at switchboard. Contact them to advise of new address change or new ownership.
36. Do a final check to make sure that nothing has been left behind.
37. Take a toy or travel game to keep your children occupied.